Chapter 1: Diamond Gold

This is my first post and I hope you like the story. Sorry if it is short, my internet keeps crashing so its best to keep it short.


Emily’s P.O.V.

So this was it. Stop worrying yourself! Only bad things come from worrying. This is going be fine. Nice even. If she was weird, I’d have to live with it. If she was a vampire, I would move out. This is going to be fun! Hmm. I promise. I doubted it would be fine. I was most likely going freak out then scare her.


Diamond Gold… That was surely a made up name. Diamond. What an odd name. Nobody was called Diamond without be some Miss America type girl. I tended to avoid girls like that. Girls who would leap at the chance to spoil you. I had bad experiences with girls like that. Nothing good came off them. I would see what she was like, and I would have to live with it.


I stepped inside to be welcomed to blasting music and flashing multi-coloured lights. Oh God… This was a party house. One of those houses made up just for parties. Club type parties. Yay! I was glad I couldn’t get migraines. I walked further into the room.


It was impressive, I give it that. Then I saw what must have been Diamond.  She was very um…yeah.



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